Baby Bubbles Free

My daughter loves bubble popping games. Unfortunately, most of them are insanely expensive, have annoying ads that she accidentally activates, or have complicated setting screens that she gets trapped in.

So, as a first birthday present for her, I developed Baby Bubbles Free. The first 100% free bubble popping game for babies and toddlers that also has NO ADS and NO INTERFACE. Just plain, simple, happy bubble popping fun.

Besides being free, ad free, and having no interface, Baby Bubbles Free offers:

  • A soothing lullaby soundtrack
  • Bubbles of 7 different colors
  • Smart multi-touch support -- pop bubbles without lifting a finger, pop multiple bubbles at once
  • Vibration on each pop (if your device supports it)
  • iPad support (iOS only)
  • Turn off baby laughing in the settings app (iOS only)
  • Control bubble creation rate in the settings app (iOS only)

Please send any bug reports or feature requests to

We are now in the top 135 games for the "under 5" crowd! Thanks so much for all your support!

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